Thank you to a CSO and a VP of Development who have added great value to Secunia

By Niels Henrik Rasmussen, interim CEO

After 10 years, Thomas Kristensen, CSO, and Jakob Balle, VP of Development, have decided to take a step back from operations at Secunia.

Thomas Kristensen has been with Secunia since the inception in 2002, first as CTO, and later as CSO in charge of internal IT and as security expert.
Jakob Balle has served as VP of Development since the inception in 2002.

Both Thomas and Jakob are co-founders of Secunia and have contributed greatly to Secunia over the years.

Their efforts have earned them – and Secunia – support and respect from the security community. They have been instrumental in establishing relationships with important industrial stakeholders like NIST, and developed the foundation for the scanning technology behind the CSI solution.

I and the rest of Secunia wish Thomas and Jakob all the best, and thank them for all they have done for Secunia over the years.

Stay Secure,
Niels Henrik Rasmussen, interim CEO, Secunia