Great acknowledgements for the Secunia CSI from SC Magazine

The Secunia CSI 7 has had a good start to 2014: In February, The Secunia CSI 7 won SC Magazine's group test for Vulnerability Assessment tools, and in April, it won Best Enterprise Security Solution at the SC Magazine Awards Europe 2014.
In the group test, SC Magazine highlighted the Secunia CSI's simple deployment and integration with Microsoft WSUS and System Center, and gave us top marks for ease of use, performance, support, documentation and value for money.
We are honored to be acknowledged for our continual efforts to deliver a solution that strikes a balance between usability and effectiveness.

Why is our solution valuable to enterprises?
The core of the Secunia CSI solution is the vulnerability intelligence delivered by Secunia's renowned in-house Research Team, who test, verify and validate public vulnerability reports, as well as conduct independent vulnerability research on a variety of products. The Secunia CSI delivers that vulnerability intelligence along with non-intrusive, authenticated vulnerability scanning, patch creation and patch deployment integration.
Vulnerability intelligence and patch management are basic necessities in the toolbox of any organization (as emphasized by organizations like SANS and NIST) to protect businesses from the consequences of security breaches. This is because retaining control over increasingly complex infrastructures and user device autonomy and identify, acquire, install and verify patches for all products in all systems represents a challenge to IT teams. And because the Secunia CSI is a streamlined and complete patch management solution, it enables operations teams to take strategic, pre-emptive action against vulnerabilities, faster.

Risk assessment and prioritization: a good return on investment
The ability to accurately assess risk to the organization and to prioritize and execute appropriate remediation ensures a good return on the corporate security investment. A risk-based, tactical and agile approach is a crucial element of successfully managing the constantly changing vulnerability landscape and potential security breaches. As demonstrated in the Secunia paper “How to Secure a Moving Target with Limited Resources,” an 80% reduction of risk can be achieved by implementing an intelligent patching strategy.
As vulnerabilities are the root cause of many security issues, understanding how to deal with them is a critical component of protecting any organization from security breaches. IT teams must know when a vulnerability is threatening the infrastructure, where it will have the most critical impact, what the right remediation strategy is and how to deploy it.

These aspects of risk assessment fall to IT Security and IT Operations respectively, and the two departments require different sets of tools to take strategic, pre-emptive action against vulnerabilities.
With the Secunia CSI we try to combine our intelligence and our tools to meet both sets of requirements. And we are proud that SC Magazine awards us for our efforts.