Chicago Public Schools: Greater Visibility of Software Assets is Reducing Cyber Security Risk

Chicago Public Schools employs 40,000 staff in hundreds of buildings across the Chicago area. As part of its commitment to expanding technology in classrooms and driving efficiency, the District needed to understand their application footprint across their increasingly diverse computing infrastructure.

Paul Valente, Managed Services Lead implemented the Flexera solution to collect and normalize the inventory of software titles and versions across the District, giving Chicago Public Schools visibility into the actual scope of their software estate. Armed with this new knowledge the team can quickly determine what applications are installed and where, giving them the foundation they need to reduce the number of applications they manage, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.
The discovery of end of life software and where it was installed was an added benefit. Older versions of Internet Explorer were discovered on 6,000 machines and this insight enabled them to collaborate with the IT security team to remediate issues and reduce cyber security risk. It also allowed them to identify computers that were running specific versions of Java that could pose problems when migrating those machines to Internet Explorer 11.

With Flexera solutions, Chicago Public Schools now manages their software assets more intelligently helping them to meet the increasing technology needs of its students and staff, while also increasing the efficiency and productivity.

Register for the webinar replay and hear first-hand from Paul Valentine, Systems Engineer for Chicago Public Schools discuss how partnering with Flexera provided increased visibility over their software estate to:

  • Know what’s installed and where
  • Reduce cyber security risk
  • Reduce new software purchases
  • Make more informed business decisions

Register for the webinar replay

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