Understanding Your Role in Cybersecurity Defense and Software Vulnerability

Organizations are under constant attack by hackers targeting applications used by the business. The University of Maryland recently quantified the near-constant rate of attacks on computers with Internet access to every 39 seconds, and we believe that is a conservative estimate. The best defense requires a holistic approach and collaboration of different teams across the enterprise, in a concerted effort to reduce the attack surface for hackers.

IT Security teams must enlist the help of others that play key roles in the enterprise software asset lifecycle.  Asset managers, desktop managers, and data center managers are all involved in the daily management of applications and these important roles can help to reduce software vulnerability and the attack surface for potential hackers.

Do You Manage Software Webinar

Register for the webinar: Do You Manage Software? Understanding Your Role in Cybersecurity Defense

  • Understand how each role can improve your organization’s security posture
  • Collaborate to achieve results and demonstrate the impact of your efforts
  • Learn how a unified approach will effectively keep hackers away

Protecting your organization from hackers is not a one person job.

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