Vulnerabilities are on the rise and all the findings of Vulnerability Review 2017


The Annual Flexera Vulnerability Review Shows 81 Percent of All Vulnerabilities Had Available Patches, Yet Common Software Programs Remain Unpatched

Vulnerabilities are a root cause of security issues – errors in software that can work as an entry point for hackers, and be exploited to gain access to IT systems.  In 2016, Secunia Research at Flexera recorded a total of 17,147 vulnerabilities in 2,136 products from 246 vendors.  The breadth of the problem illustrates the challenge faced by IT teams trying to protect their environment against security breaches without the necessary automation.  For organizations to stay on top of their environments, IT teams must have complete visibility of the applications that are in use, and firm policies and procedures in place, in order to deal with the vulnerabilities as they are disclosed.

The good news is that patches continue to be available for the vast majority of vulnerabilities at the time they become public.  In 2016, 81 percent of all vulnerabilities and 92.5 percent of applications in the Top 50 Software Portfolio that were impacted by vulnerabilities, had patches for those vulnerabilities on the day of disclosure – all but begging for the user to take action to fix it. 

The annual Vulnerability Review from Secunia Research at Flexera analyzes the evolution of software security from a vulnerability perspective.  It presents global data on the prevalence of software vulnerabilities and the availability of patches, maps the security threats to IT infrastructures, and also explores vulnerabilities in the 50 most popular applications on private PCs.

You can download and review the findings of the Vulnerability Review 2017 here.

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