With or without GDPR, risk reduction is king

A lot of uncertainty is arising in the trail of the upcoming enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Who is ahead of the pack? Who is still lagging?

Outside the complexities of the requirements for data protection, there are still the good old basics of software management which require attention and which can greatly impact the risk of data breaches.

This is not to dismiss the focus on GDPR, but to call attention to the fact that some of the requirements for security processes in this regulation are similar to those in other regulations and frameworks. That means investing time and resources to build processes that can be documented and reported on has benefits beyond compliance with GDPR.

In a recent webcast hosted by Flexera Martjin Verbree, Information Security Consultant at KPMG UK provided his view on what is his take on what to expect from the enforcement of GDPR and the importance of IT Security processes for compliance.

Flexera has solutions that help with the management of software over its entire lifecycle, supporting compliance not only with GDPR but other regulatory compliance mandates and effectively reducing the risk of data breaches.

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