Software Vulnerability Manager in 2019

As an agile product team, we continually review and adjust our strategy to bring you the best in Software Vulnerability Management. In 2019 we have some great new features and capabilities planned to add value to our time-tested SVM product. In the first half of 2019, we’ll be introducing a way to better prioritize the vulnerabilities leveraging threat intelligence and we will also be making significant improvements to how customers go about remediating them with a much broader set of third party software patches.

We have heard loud and clear that our customers desire a solution that can leverage existing inventory data. If and when an agent is required for a Flexera product, it should be a single, unified, lightweight agent. We also understand that workflow and automation capabilities to take specific actions based on the insights we provide are key to minimizing the time you spend managing your technology assets.

In discussing the needs of our customers across the Flexera portfolio, we concluded that the best path forward is to double-down on our efforts to achieve our end-state vision of a single, integrated, modular platform to deliver Flexera features and services. As an agile organization, we’re pleased to be able to easily make such a change to ensure we provide the most ideal solution to our customers.

So, as we add significant new value to our SVM 2018 platform in the months ahead, know that there is a huge effort underway to provide an even better platform around the corner. Stay tuned for more details on short and longer-term plans in months ahead!

Category: Flexera